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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Influence marketing or how to increase the reach of your brand.

In the digital world, brands try to optimize the impact of their investment in digital marketing (in digital actions and campaigns), with the return on investment , to achieve the objectives and continue growing.

Influence marketing is one of the most demanded and “fashionable” options for brands, especially in very specific sectors where branding is key as a differentiating value.

Sectors where the presence of influencers has grown exponentially in recent years:

– Fashion.
– Retail.
– Health
– Foodies
– Healthy life
– Digital Marketing
– Sport

In this post we are going to tell you why you should consider incorporating this type of actions in your annual Digital Marketing Strategy, because your competitors may already be doing it.

We explain the concept and the 3 most common actions to develop.

What is influence marketing

Influence marketing is neither more nor less than using characters (personal brand) or relevant or micro-relevant blogs to impact the different buyer person, understanding that they are profiles for the purposes of the brand strategy.

They are usually social profiles or sites with a high volume of followers or visits or email marketing lists.

In this sense, influence marketing helps brand values ​​obtain a high impact and impressions in the media audiences or influencer recruited.

For example, a renowned instagramer or “It girl”, who recommends the brand’s latest handbag in a wonderful outfit.

As a professional I will tell you that a well-designed and executed influence marketing strategy has a high impact on results, not only in CTR but in quality visits to the website and finally in conversions. The problem lies in identifying which are the ideal influencers or micro influences for each brand campaign.

At this point there are professional platforms like getfluence  that make this job much easier.

Influencer and microinfluencer, differences

Just to clarify the difference between influencer and micro influencers in case someone is somewhat clueless when deciding the best influence marketing action.

– Influencers : a person who has credibility on a specific topic or area, with a high level of influence on social networks.

An Instagram profile that talks about fashion trends and has 350,000 followers.

– Micro influencers : it is on a smaller scale than influencers and on a much more specialized topic.

An Instagram profile that talks about vegan food recipes and has 53,500 followers.

Relevant blog sponsored articles

It is one of our favorite actions if we work with quality content, aimed at the potential buyer and SEO.

How can this be achieved ?, always adding value and running away from super commercial post or brand and service sales.

The first step is to search for those relevant sites, which have a related community where we want to impact our content to generate clicks on the links and derive quality traffic to our website.

Once we have selected the websites or blog.

Be careful at this point because it is very important to ask the blog for information in order to make a decision based on:

– Total sessions last 12 months.

– Readers profile: sociodemographic, behavioral data, type of content consumed …

– Average CTR of the blog.

– Quality of users by type of content: page time, bounce rates, page views, scroll rate …

– Conversion rate. You must measure the traceability of the actions they have launched.

– Total community by profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …) as well as the engagement rate of the account and of the publications.

– The average CTR of the publications is also an interesting fact.

– That the content you write is of quality and according to what the campaign demands.

– We can analyze the PA and DA with The Moz.

With these data we can make a fairly reliable decision.

The next step is to write the post and include the links (maximum 2-3), which are NOT FOLLOW (since in most cases the destination URL and the context highlights that it is a sponsored link and loses value) and with a wide text well thought out. At this point aligned with the LinkBuilding strategy of the brand.

Furthermore, this type of strategy is very useful especially for the international development strategy  where getting links or content is more complicated.

Publications on social profiles of influencer or micro influencers

It is the most popular option in influence marketing and consists of contracting publications that influencers will launch on their social profiles.

In this sense, it is usually paid per publication (tweet, Facebook post …) or a lot is contracted.

The objective is to impact the social audience to generate brand, impressions and reach, clicks and finally conversions.

– Profile of followers: those given to us by social platforms such as Facebook Insigths or Instagram or Twiter Analytics.

– Average CTR per publication or campaign type of each profile. It is important because one type of publication may work better than another.

For example a photo, a photo sequence, a short video or a “stories” on Instagram.

– Conversion rate. You must measure the traceability of the actions they have launched.

– Account and publication engagement rate.

– The average CTR of the publications is also an interesting fact.

– The type of publications you make.

– We can even pass some tool of “fakes” followers to see the authenticity of the community.

At this point the copies are prepared, campaign URLs are tagged (Google UTM), creatives are designed, special codes or discount promotions are created if necessary.

Link building strategies in authority site

In this case it is a very similar strategy to the first one, but here the objective is to “place” a quality link on a relevant site. It is not necessary to have to write a complete article or post.

In this fist there are 2 alternatives or link exchange or pay for a professional link building campaign.

At a technical level take into account:

– The URL: make it short, contain the keywords …

– The anchor text of the link.

– The type of binding (NO FOLLOW or DO FOLLOW).

– How long will the link be published.

– Tag the link and measure the CTR of the link and the traffic generated …

In addition to helping the SEO Strategy of the brand, positioning, increases referral traffic, increases sessions and final conversions.


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