ASO Positioning For Apps

SEO of mobile applications


What is ASO positioning?

ASO (app store optimization) is the app optimization process for searches within mobile app stores. It's kind of like SEO for apps.

Currently, the most popular application stores, also called “stores”, are Google Play (Android), with 2.6 million applications, and the App Store (Apple), with 2.2 million.

More than 80% of these mobile applications do not exceed a thousand downloads in their first year of life. One of the main reasons is because the ASO for App and the app marketing are not working, therefore, they do not have visibility and their installation is practically impossible.


Our ASO positioning methodology

We are very familiar and we have years of experience in the world of apps and their promotion. Therefore, we help you in the design and execution of an app promotion strategy that helps attract users and monetize your application.

And, in addition, getting them to find you in the 'stores', through good SEO in Apps, is key to the success and profitability of any application.