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Professional email marketing strategy.

Have you ever wondered why people go crazy with this email maketing thing?

The answer is pretty simple:

“Email has around 2.6 billion active users in the world and its ROI is really high ($ 36 for every dollar invested)”

This makes email the perfect marketing channel for startups and growing businesses.

But before launching the first professional email marketing campaign , we must define an email marketing strategy that allows us to truly harness its potential.

If the idea terrifies you and you don’t even know where to start, don’t worry.

We have prepared this checklist, so you can send your first email marketing with guarantees, and without leaving anything important in the pipeline.

The definitive Email Marketing Strategy checklist

So carefully follow these steps and recommendations that the Mailijet team advise us.

Develop your contact list

Step 1. Promotion and dissemination

You will have to promote your newsletter through different channels to make sure you attract potential subscribers.

To reach the largest number of potential subscribers, you can:

1.1 Include opt-in boxes to the newsletter in all your forms.

1.2 Add a subscription widget to the most popular pages on your website.

1.3 Use the tools that facilitate social networks to grow your list.

1.4 Encourage people to join your contact list in your physical store or at events.

Step 2. Commercial and creative persuasion

Sometimes it takes a little more persuasion to convince people to join your email list.

Here are some ideas to incentivize users:

2.1 Offers discounts and gifts (guides, ebooks, exclusive content …).

2.2 Use incentives as referral codes for your contacts to promote you with their own network.

Step 3. Social viralization

Never underestimate the power of viral content. To help your newsletter be shared you can:

3.1 Include valuable content that people really want to read and share.

3.2 Make sure that your social media buttons are easy to find and easy to click, also on mobile devices.

ATTENTION: Remember that whenever you design an email marketing strategy you must have the explicit consent of your contacts to receive your marketing communications.

Sending campaigns to a database that has not agreed to receive them goes against the General Data Protection Regulation and can seriously damage your deliverability.

Create your professional email marketing campaigns

Step 4. Objectives

Before rolling up your sleeves and launching to design your first professional newsletter template , it is important that you consider the general objectives and specific objectives of each campaign.

Once you have done that, decide on the “sender name” you are going to use, the subject line and the pre-heading.

Step 5. Email marketing design

It is time to start designing your emails.

In addition to making sure your email is amazingly designed and consistent with your brand identity, also remember:

5.1 Your email must be responsive. That is, it should be able to be read just as well on a mobile device.

5.2 Avoid large images and note the ideal text-to-image ratio (60/40).

5.3 Make sure your content is readable, with easy-to-find calls to action.

Step 6. Send test and test

Before clicking ‘Send’, don’t forget to test your emails:

6.1 Confirm that your message is viewed correctly on different devices.

6.2 Check the display in different email clients (such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo …).

After sending your Email Marketing Strategy campaigns

Step 7. Metrics and performance

Track the performance of your email.

When you review your metrics, here are some of the things to consider:

7.1 Keep an eye on the statistics of your email marketing strategy to make sure you detect any unusual results.

7.2 Compare different campaigns to find the perfect time and the ideal delivery frequency for your contact list.

Keep in mind that there is no exact science to find out and each list behaves differently, so you will have to try different combinations until you find the one that works best.

7.3 Test different elements in your campaigns to analyze what effect they have on your metrics and achieve better results (subject lines, names, CTA …).

Step 8. Qualifying the database

Take care of your contact lists to achieve the best deliverability possible. Here are some ideas that can help you:

8.1 Eliminate blocked addresses, unsubscriptions and those that have marked you as spam after sending each campaign.

8.2 Try to revive your inactive contacts (those who have not opened your emails or clicked) with a reactivation campaign every 2-3 months.

8.3 Delete inactive contacts who do not respond to your reactivation campaign every 3-6 months.

You got it?

Step 9. List and content segmentation

Now make sure it’s sending emails that your contacts really want to read. With valuable content and segmenting your lists according to the behavior of your subscribers and their demographics.

Step 10. One to one marketing customization

Personalize your messages and adapt the content to each contact. Use email automation to engage users with the right messages, at the right time.

Still have doubts?

Learn more about how to design a professional email marketing strategy to conquer your contacts with this guide  that we leave you.


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