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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020

“If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world say and they are right. Before starting a marketing campaign , as we will analyze in this case; you must always consider that it is an attempt and that like everything in life, it can fail.

But it is essential to try again. And if it fails there is always a new opportunity. Knowing where we have failed and why.

The goal is to get as many marketing campaigns as possible. And so then let’s see our dreams as a brand become reality.

Or said professionally:

“In every marketing campaign you have to monitor, measure, test, re-measure, re-launch, measure, correct and move forward .”

It is the foundation of every digital marketing campaign: data.

If we analyze the etymology of the word enterprising. We will understand that it is born from the concept “imprendere”, the Italian way of saying: undertake.

And what it is to undertake is but to take all our suitcases of dreams. Put them in the ship that is our imagination and take them out to sail. Regardless of how the sea represents the market.

In a professional way, mark the objectives we want to achieve, design the action plan with marketing campaigns, measure and meet the objectives.

After all, it does not matter the shaking or the swings on the course, it only matters to reach our destination.

Marketing campaign, adapt to change

Of course, no company stays afloat, following the analogy of the boat, if it does not know how to adapt to the changing winds of the market. What appears to be a very good idea today that will last for dozens of years, may collapse in just a couple of days.

Is that the audience and consumers change according to dozens of factors. Factors that as digital marketing professionals we must know and analyze.

One of the most important is technology, which surprises every day with new advances. As for example, the incorporation of the facial recognition technology of the new iPhone X, which allows payments to be made through that platform, something unthinkable just five years ago.

Of course, companies that do not adapt to these changes will disappear, which is why it is of utmost importance, in addition to motivating themselves to undertake, knowing the cloth in which we are going to play our game.

“If you know the enemy and you know yourself, don’t fear the result of a hundred battles,” explains Sun Tzu in the manual “The Art of War.”

And beyond the violence of war, the market is in a way a battleground, in which we have to know our competition well, to analyze its weaknesses and advantages.

Hence the importance of benchmarking professional market.

But going even further, it is vital to know our scope and limitations, that way we can work to correct them and not fear the result of a hundred undertakings.

How a marketing campaign is designed

At this point, whatever the marketing campaign we are going to define, follow these steps:

1. Define the objectives of your marketing campaign .

What we want to achieve with the campaign, increase sales of “product A” by 6.5%, increase the lead request by 2%. It is essential to be very clear about what goal the marketing campaign should achieve.

2. What buyer persona will you impact?

The brands already work with different buyer persona, therefore the campaign must be directed and impact a specific buyer persona. Or put another way, the marketing campaign must be micro-segmented.

3. Value proposition

What will be the competitive advantage that the campaign will communicate to our potential clients? We have to rely on the values ​​of the brand, it adds value in the campaign not only with the variable price.

4. Commercial proposal

Now it is time to define what type of promotion or commercial action is going to help in the incentive of campaign sales. It does not always have to be a discount on price, it can be a complementary service, a special price on the second purchase, an addition to the service / product …

5. Marketing campaign actions

Now it is time to define the most tactical part of the campaign. Publications on social profiles, promoted publication, Facebook Ads campaign, email marketing….

6. Campaign budget .

Of course, everything must be within the defined budgetary framework to avoid assuming more costs.

7. Timing of campaign .

It is key to limit the marketing campaign in time, with a start date and an end date.

8. Analytics and monitoring.

It cannot fail in the whole process. From before launching the campaign until after a minimum month of its impact. Furthermore, during the execution of the marketing campaign, modifications and corrections will have to be made.

Types of marketing campaign

In this sense there are many types of campaign, as many as surnames want to put it. We give you some as a reminder.

  • Offline marketing campaign , which is launched in non-digital media.
  • Online marketing campaign
  • Payment marketing campaign
  • Social marketing campaign
  • Email marketing campaign
  • Direct marketing campaign …

The key will always be that it is aligned with the brand’s digital strategy, and helps achieve the objectives by area or type of campaign. In other words, if I launch a social media marketing campaign, it must contribute to achieving the objectives set for the social media area.

Recommendations for your marketing campaign

Returning again to the analogy of the ship that is about to depart, we must as good captains know our inventory.

What are we going to sell, how do we want to present it, is there a problem with the product or service that we must take into account?

These are perhaps the most important questions before launching a new marketing campaign.

It is that one of the most common mistakes among “newbies” is trying to go out and fight the market as soon as possible, but reality often shows them that they were not prepared.

Of course, making preparations doesn’t mean spending too much time waiting for the “right time.” Not too hasty, not too much, you have to find the right time.

It is an art that perhaps not everyone understands or manages. But there are guidelines to understand when will be the best time to launch our ship to the turbulent and competitive seas of the market.

In a way it is about “feeling” what comes back in the air. That kind of energy that we often ignore, but which in the face of a new venture is essential to perceive.

It’s about that hunch, feeling, intuition or whatever you want to call that little push from the bowels that will tell us when the time is right.

It can be a small detail, a comment from a potential consumer, a news item that indicates the rise of an interest or an opportunity.

Feedback is key in a marketing campaign

It is that when launching into the market you have to have a certain coldness. Coldness that allows, in a certain way, to move away a little from the impetuous and inexorable subjectivity. To analyze what we are about to do from another perspective.

For that there is nothing like the gaze of a friend or acquaintance. Without going into too much technical detail we can discuss an idea waiting for your feedback.

In short and broadly speaking, that is what this art we are talking about is: feeding on the environment to have a more precise vision.

In this way it will be much easier and comforting to launch into the adventure, but we will also have more chances of success.

No to prudence, key in your marketing campaign

It is an aspect of our lives that we must leave when it comes to driving our vehicle on the busy routes of this country. In marketing, prudence should only be accepted when complying with current laws. In the rest of the aspects it will only bring us problems.

“He does not risk, he does not win.” Players often pray at the poker tables and they are right. What sense does it make to keep the cards in our hands if we can win big?

The market is the place to put your foot on the gas, measuring the consequences, but without fear. If we end up in a conservative stance, in which we are evaluating each step that we are going to take, we can end up devastated by competition.

Nor is it about going wild at top speed against a wall, no one survives such a crash.

The metaphor aims to take what we know and apply it to put aside fear and launch ourselves as it should to that new adventure that is a marketing campaign.

If we have an idea that from our point of view makes sense, we can share it with others and listen to their comments. The people who will help us the most are those who tend to get straight to the point regardless of whether they hurt us in the process.

Marketing campaign example

Let’s see how we can improve our marketing campaign in technical terms:

1 Social Networks

Currently, we cannot pretend to impose our way of thinking, but rather adapt to what the client is looking for.

There is no use trying to impose a product such as a mouse gamer for example, among an audience that works in the office.

Maybe we are lucky, but surely we will be more successful going to a streamer channel or a fan page of a game where we can capture more interest. It is a matter of being specific.

2 Analyze competitors and the market

Just as Sun Tzu said, getting to know our rivals will help us create better strategies and separate ourselves from their mistakes. Mercy does not exist in the market, it is better that mistakes are commented by others and we learn beforehand.

3 The importance of offers

Supermarkets know this concept well, no matter if we drop a penny, it is vital to clarify that it is an offer.

2 × 1-style combos are excellent ways to sell, as well as the strategy carried out by the firm Appetito24 that expanded its coverage to Costa Rica, but also offered free express delivery throughout December.

4 Make use of social networks

Today they are the best sources to reach consumers. There are not many people who are outside these circuits, so we will surely find our perfect clients exploring the networks.

If you use Facebook, you have to find interest groups that suit what we are trying to sell, instead on Twitter it will become more important to join a hashtag of local rather than global importance and finally on Instagram the visual will be more successful, so perhaps it is better to limit this space to offers and presentation videos.

5 Google Analytics

If we have a well-armed site to present our products, we can analyze the most successful with this tool that the computer giant offers.

If we present news or other information on the site, we can break down where our audience comes from, allowing us to enhance the weakest points of our digital communication.


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