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The external marketing is to delegate tasks internal marketing recruiting agencies or external professionals to design strategies and carry out , in order to achieve the defined objectives and increase profits.

Does your company consider using external marketing services? In this article we talk about the advantages that you can get if you decide on this option.

External marketing: is it what your company needs?

The 2016 Gartner Marketing Organizational Design survey estimated that 40% of companies planned to increase marketing hires through outsourcing and agencies within 4-6 years.

Leaders and marketing managers point to a series of problems, such as lack of coordination among team members, or insufficient skills and competencies, as the main causes that the commercial results obtained are often much lower than expectations.

In this sense, having an external marketing team or agency can help you implement new strategies and actions, or improve existing ones .


Advantages of external marketing

There is an increasingly widespread trend among companies to outsource marketing tasks in order to take advantage of a number of advantages :

1. Improved profitability

Hiring external services usually generate a lower cost to our company , since it allows us to pay only for the services that are really needed and only when they are necessary.

Therefore, this option is usually more profitable than having a permanent marketing professional on staff.

2. Saving resources

Normally, outsourcing of marketing tasks works with a closed budget. An option that is almost always very economically advantageous, since you know in advance how much the service will ultimately cost us, and you save a lot on extra costs and, sometimes, unexpected or difficult to calculate, such as:

  • Labor costs: salary, social security, vacations, sick leave …
  • Training needs for employees so that they are up-to-date in marketing techniques (while, with outsourcing, an expertise is already achieved).
  • Expenses derived from the workspace.
  • Investment in materials, equipment, infrastructure …

An especially important aspect is that, at present, digital marketing needs specific tools that represent a significant technological investment .

Most digital marketing agencies already have these tools and platforms, and they include them in the price of the service, so the companies that hire them do not need to invest money in licenses, which can be quite expensive.

3. Experience and know how

External marketing agencies or professionals not only work for us, but work for a wide portfolio of clients and sectors, so they have much more knowledge and experience , which they take advantage of in all their projects.

Marketing agencies draw on their own knowledge and the experience they gain from other clients to provide us with added value: different points of view, greater knowledge of tools and better recommendations thanks to the previous experience they acquire from their other clients.

4. Speed

Another advantage of external agencies is that, being totally focused on marketing, they detect and interpret market situations more quickly and effectively , such as changes, trends, errors, new technologies … The advantage of this is that they can put an action plan in place and adapt much sooner.

By having more clients, they need to know very well the market in which they move and be very up-to-date with digital marketing techniques. This makes their adaptation to change much faster than that of an internal marketing profile .

5. Flexibility

Thanks to the speed and experience that we mentioned in previous sections, external marketing agencies have the possibility of being more flexible and adapting to changes more easily, without increasing costs.

6. Training and innovation

When marketing talent comes from within a company, it must be the company itself that trains the workers and ensures that these professionals are up to date in the sector and know the new tools and trends.

On the other hand, in an external agency its professionals are continuously training and learning to take advantage of this knowledge in all of their clients. In this way, we can take advantage of this learning without assuming the cost of these trainings.

7. New perspectives

Related to the experience and know-how of external agencies, when a campaign does not work or we do not achieve the desired results, the agencies are faster looking for and finding solutions , since they have a staff of expert professionals in digital marketing and a portfolio from clients from which they can obtain very useful learning.

How do I decide who to outsource my marketing tasks to?

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Agency vs freelance

The first and most important question to ask yourself when deciding to outsource your marketing tasks is whether you should hire freelancers or expert digital marketing agencies .

A freelancer is cheaper than an agency , but has limited capacity and availability, and it is also very difficult for a single professional to embody all the knowledge and skills needed to perform digital marketing tasks. It can be a good option for a project or a specific area: SEO, social media, UX …, but if you need help in a comprehensive way, the best option is usually to hire an agency .

Although it has a higher cost, an agency offers more guarantees and has specialized profiles . In the same marketing agency you can have digital marketing professionals along with more technical profiles, which provide a more global approach.

In case you decide to outsource your tasks to an online marketing agency , these are the most important factors that you must take into account to choose the best option. Aim!

1. Reputation

The agency you choose should be a reflection of the image it sells . Take a good look at their website, blog or profiles on social networks, and evaluate the digital marketing actions they are carrying out. The actions that the agency reflects should be your cover letter, and you should check if the strategies and types of campaigns carried out by the agency you are evaluating are aligned with the service they offer you.

Before hiring an agency, you should thoroughly analyze their own website and those of the clients they work for (they are almost always reviewed on the site), and check whether it is possible to answer affirmatively to the following questions :

  • Do they have a responsive design? Is it positive at the UX level?
  • Can you navigate quickly and safely?
  • Do you have links to your social networks?
  • Do you have subscription forms?
  • Do you have a blog?
  • Do they have valuable downloadable content?
  • Are your content well positioned in search engines?

Also check if there are comments and opinions of the agency in more general digital marketing portals, forums or blogs, and rate them.

2. Experience and know how

Check if the agency has a blog or a source where it shares relevant and useful information about digital marketing, such as tools, news, trends, techniques, strategies …

Another important aspect is the level of interaction that your publications have and whether they are helpful to readers. An agency should very well communicate the techniques they apply to their clients.

3. Portfolio 

It is important that the agency you choose has a portfolio of clients that assures you that they have carried out similar projects previously and that they have acquired experience and learning from them.

Another factor to evaluate is the sectors with which it has worked, and thus check if they have or have had clients in similar areas. In this way, we ensure that the agency we are going to hire knows  the sector, the type of audience we are targeting and what are the strategies or actions that work or those that do not.

Above all, look at the quality of the portfolio and not just the quantity.

4. Budget

Normally, hiring an agency instead of a freelance will increase the project budget, since it implies the hiring of broader services and people involved.

It is important that the agency you choose knows how to adapt to your budget and, from this, can customize its services and offer you what best suits your needs.

5. Trust, communication and empathy

It is very important that the agency you choose transmit confidence and security , that you feel you can count on them. It is vital that they are empathetic and understand your business and the needs and interests of the public you want to target.

6. Orientation to results

Another characteristic that the agency you finally choose must choose is that it is results-oriented and that determines the success or failure of your project based on metrics and indicators or  measurable KPIs . The agency must be able to help you set realistic goals and meet them.

We will need to share our goals and difficulties with the agency so that they fully understand what we need and help us achieve our goals through a personalized action plan .

7. Transparency

We are interested in hiring a company that is transparent , that shows us the results and the impact of their actions as they are. If the results are not as good as we had hoped, it is important that you communicate it to us sincerely.

It is also essential that the agency give us regular and fluid feedback, and that it continuously inform us of the actions that will be carried out.

8. Tools and technology department

We must find out what marketing tools and platforms the agency that we are going to hire have : keyword search tools, server contracting, the CMS (content management system), design tools such as Photoshop, etc. In general, the use of these platforms is included in the price of the global marketing service contracted with the agency.

It is highly recommended that the external marketing agency that we hire has a technology department that deals with more technical issues : template design, technical errors on the server, possible site crashes, web and blog designs, and visual materials. … In this way, the marketing service will be centralized and the offer will be comprehensive .

Success stories

Another thing you should do is check the success stories that the agency usually advertises on its website , as well as look for references from the agency and the professionals that make up its team.

We must investigate , inquire and try to find out if the other brands or clients they have worked with are satisfied with their work .

This question is essential to ensure that we are making a good decision!


As you have seen, more and more companies decide to outsource their marketing tasks to specialized agencies or independent professionals who have the necessary knowledge, experience and specialization to be able to do it.

Evaluate your needs and the service these professionals can offer you to decide whether to hire the services of a specialized agency or a freelance professional to take charge of your digital marketing activities.

If you finally decide to hire an agency , although it is likely that the costs are higher, you will have advantages, such as greater specialization, dedication and personalization of the services they offer you.

And you do you think? Are you considering outsourcing your marketing? Do you prefer to hire a freelance or an agency? I will love to read you!



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