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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Launching a company and preparing it for the public requires planning, hours of effort and the correct strategy. A successful launch will not only reach potential customers, but grow the brand so that it has a true impact in the industry.

However, in order to promote a B2B company, it is necessary to know that without a good strategy through digital marketing it is not possible. Especially nowadays where these platforms are the means of communication between customers and brands.

It should be noted that the launch of a B2B company must be done well in advance, even months. Also, you must use different channels and approaches to increase your reach and decrease the chances of failure.

That is why today we present 4 strategies to promote the launch of your B2B company through digital marketing.

What is the essence of the B2B company?

To discover the correct launch strategy we must first know the company in depth. To do this, we will talk about what a B2B company does and what its importance is in the market.

Let’s start with the basics, what does B2B mean? This is an expression in English “ business to business ”, which describes the transaction or business between two companies. Generally, it is focused on the wholesale market, although today there are many companies that offer their services to others such as logo design services or social media management.

So, knowing this we can say that the B2B company communicates directly with the people who run their companies. They can be partners , managers, distributors and others. Now let’s talk about the target audience of the B2B company.

The Target of the B2B company

As we have already seen the target or target audience of a B2B company are other companies. But to be able to specify it we must take into account specific characteristics. Among them, the activity of the company and where it is located are the main ones.

Also the marking where it is developed, the consumer of the product or service it offers and the dimensions of the company are necessary to define the target audience of the B2B company.

what is the digital marketing?

Since we know the basics of the B2B company and its target , let’s talk a little about what digital marketing does. This is important to know in order to establish the appropriate strategies for each type of business.

Digital marketing is basically a set of strategies that take advantage of digital media such as social networks, search engines, emails, etc., to connect with current and potential customers.

In traditional marketing we can find similarities with digital, however, there are differences that make digital marketing much richer in possibilities. This happens because there are so many digital means for a company to have a good sales opportunity.

It is here where we experiment with creativity, because with so many options we must have well-defined strategies to avoid getting lost. Digital marketing also enables us to use analytics tools so accurate that compared to a print ad, they are easier to measure or monitor the success of a campaign.

How do digital marketing strategies work to promote a B2B company ?: Social Networks.

Digital marketing today is the main component of any business launch or promotion strategy, including B2B. We probably don’t create a viral post when it comes to launching a company, but just having a constant presence on social platforms creates credibility for the company.

This is the first step to achieve a successful launch of any type of company. Constant communication through networks generates interest from the audience, since we are using a means of their daily life to communicate with them.

This is why a strategy to promote the launch of your B2B company requires months in advance , even before even publishing the first post . And defining a strategy not only as a launch campaign, but generally having an established social media plan is the first step to success.

With the new trends in digital media we have left behind using all the networks to have a presence, publishing the same content in all of them. Now we must create solid planning in social networks where our target is most present and create relevant content for them.

Digital platforms are ideal channels to show “what’s next”, making them the ideal means to promote launches, and in general to create a good environment around new products or services that the company will offer to the industry.

For this we must build a presence in the networks in advance of the launch, in this way we can align our digital marketing plan objectives with the activity we have been carrying out on these social platforms, which will boost the attention of our target us even more.

Other digital marketing strategies to launch a B2B company

Social networks are not the only means that are implemented in digital marketing strategies. Although they are the strong point, we cannot ignore the other aspects that will also give a great boost to our company during its launch.

Visual content

Videos are a powerful visual tool and when it comes to digital strategies these are usually at the top. This is because the content of the video is attractive, short, precise and appeals to the emotions and reactions of the public.

YouTube is the most popular video social network in the world and only in the United States 73% of the population affirms that they watch this platform . Creating content that inspires your target, but is short and interactive will help your B2B company to increase its audience.

Furthermore, the videos are content that is easily shared everywhere and because they are interactive, they are very successful.

Seo on the Web

SEO is a fairly complex technique and in continuous evolution, however, its use is essential if we want our website to be found by our target . Basically this is about optimizing our content to make it easier for the customer to find us through search engines.

To achieve a good SEO we must take into account its bipartition:

SEO on the website

The main thing here is to do research on key words or phrases, the well-known Keywords . These must be in the content of the web, so that customers can find the company’s products when they search for them.

Off-site SEO

These are the links that will give authority to our website. In other words, links are created to other articles or websites that have credibility and truthful or verifiable information, to give support to what we are expressing on our page.

There are many more digital marketing strategies and before choosing one at random, we must carry out market research to be able to find the right one to launch the company.

Let’s keep in mind that the possibilities in digital marketing are very wide. We can test innovative strategies, always keeping in mind that the customer is the heart of every planning.


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