External marketing: what it is and how it will benefit your company
April 15, 2020

Do you have a local business and want your customers to find it on Google? Times change, the routine of consumers is now totally different and their purchase decision is increasingly linked to the Internet. First you search on Google, then you buy.

Do you want your store to be the first on Google when someone seeks to buy products you offer? With this complete Local SEO guide you will attract new customers, make your business known and increase sales . You just have to keep reading!

What is local SEO?

Local SEO is the optimization of your website or your landing page , so that when you perform a local search on a keyword relevant to your business, you appear in the first search results .

We have talked about a “local search” but what does this term really mean? A local search is that search in which, in addition to the keyword, the name of the specific town, city or location is added.

It contains, therefore, the following structure: Keyword + Location . And in the location, the user can refine as much as he wishes. From an Autonomous Community (Private Universities Andalucia), to the name of a street (Restaurants Gran Vía Madrid).

It is, therefore, a very powerful optimization tool, because the users who perform these searches are interested not only in a service, but in a service in a specific location.

In addition, users look for more facilities and amenities in a much more frequent way . Closeness is one of the most important, so if we can offer it, why not do it?

Importance of Local SEO

The strategies of the companies have turned from a global prism, to a more and more local point of view . At this point, the focus is on a “Glocal” objective, a mixture of “global” and “local” that is summarized in the following sentence: “Think Global, act Local” .

In a reality like today, where online purchases are becoming more frequent and are carried out in a wider range of social groups and age ranges, the trade of proximity products and services is a very important factor that is not Must set aside.

Let’s see more clearly with an example . Imagine Ana and Jorge, a young couple who just moved to Valencia to the house that Ana’s parents have given them. A great detail, right? The only problem is that the house is quite old and needs a face lift.

As the couple has savings, they decide to invest in a small reform to adapt the house and, incidentally, expand to an extra room. Since they have no knowledge of masonry or know any reformer, they decide to search the internet.

Ana picks up her computer and looks for “integral reforms in Valencia”. Since the reform includes several spaces in the house, look for “integral reform.”

And why Valencia? Because a Valencian reform company will be much more accessible, it will have local collaborating companies and, of course, they will be cheaper than if they hire a company, for example, in Madrid. In addition, you will learn much more about the local legislation and the permits that you must request, saving them hours and hours of management.

Ana, then, reads the main search results and opts for the first option that appears as a specialist in Comprehensive Reforms in Valencia. It generates a lot of confidence since it also shows the first among the 3 outstanding results of Google My Business or Google Maps , with excellent ratings.

For Ana and Jorge the decision is very simple. They contact them, explain the project, receive a budget and decide to undertake the project. They could have consulted some of the other alternatives but since they are quite urgent and there has been feeling, they have preferred not to spend more time.

Undoubtedly, an excellent opportunity for both parties and that neither could have taken advantage of if, on the one hand, the company had not optimized its website with a local orientation and, on the other, if Ana and Jorge were not aware of the possibilities offered by Google and the internet environment. But as both parties are up to date, everyone has won: the first a client and the clients a guarantee provider in record time.

And yes, this match has been thanks to Local SEO.

Now that we have your full attention, do we begin to see how to optimize your website? Go for it!

SEO Local On Page

URLs optimized for Local SEO

If in the URL we include the name of the city for which we want to position we will be telling Google that we offer a specific product or service in a given location. Our search result will therefore have greater wealth compared to other competitors.

There are different cases in which we can enter the location in the URL:

  • include the location in the domain . For example: www.agenciamarketingvalencia.com
  • Create a landing page with updated domain . It is true that in order to achieve a powerful brand image, it can be a small brake. One solution for this is to have the corporate website and create a landing for lead capture, with a fully optimized domain.
  • Put the location in the slug . For example: https://agenciaseo.eu/seo-local/

It is important to always keep in mind that the user does not need to enter the location in their search , since Google knows perfectly where it is from.

However, although Google also knows where our company is located, everything we can optimize in order to repeat Google where we offer our products or services, will allow us to obtain a better positioning.

Optimized Metadata for Local SEO

Metadata, despite the fact that over time they have lost some importance, remain a great positioning tool for SEO . And, by extension, of course, for Local SEO.

Its importance, moreover, is twofold. On the one hand, we are providing Google with more complete information on where our company operates. On the other hand, we are offering more complete information to the user in relation to their search.

It is important to include the structure that we have been commenting on in the title and description: Main Keyword + Location. In the case we have been seeing, for example, it would be “Comprehensive reforms in Valencia”. Of course, it must be done in a very natural way that gives added value.

We must not fall into the error of over optimizing and filling title and description of keywords without any sense . First, because Google detects and penalizes this type of practice and, secondly, because the user will not find it natural and, therefore, will not click on your page.

NAP Optimized for Local SEO

NAPs are a very important part of Local SEO , as it is the specific information that geographically locates your business at a specific point.

The acronym NAP refers to Name, Adress and Phone . That is, Name, Address and Telephone. Basically, if a potential customer wants to establish contact with the company, this will be the basic information they will need to do so.

So what does this point mean? Is it simply about having our contact information on the web? No, not only that is enough.

It means that we must always use a unique structure and maintain it whenever we share the data on our channels and on the different Internet websites.

Making a simple review, we will have our NAP on our contact page and it may be that in the footer and / or in the top menu. In addition, most businesses will have a Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page where they will also include their contact information.

In other pages and profiles that are not your own, you can also put the contact information, as a directory. Some like Yellow Pages, Yelp or QDQ are very frequent.

And, in each of the websites and profiles, it is important to use the same structure as in our website, so that Google always recognizes it the same. Let’s see more clearly with examples :

  • If we write “Street”, we will always do it this way. We will not write “C.”, or “C /”, or “street.”
  • Capital letters are also very important. “Calle de la Paz” is not the same as “Calle De La Paz”.
  • In the Telephone, we can put the prefix in different ways, we can put a space between digits, we can group them 3 in 3, etc. But we must always choose an option and keep it as a single format.

This is the format we use:

Schema.org for structured data

Schema.org is an initiative launched by Google, Bing and Yahoo! , for marking structured data or rich data.

It consists of marking in the html code the data that you are interested in promoting so that Google , in this case, recognizes them more easily and understands that you want to give it importance.

In this case, we could mark with schema.org the contact information, for example, telephone and address, so that Google recognizes them more easily.

Google’s own tools for Local SEO

Google My Business

This is one of the most powerful tools for Local SEO . In fact, Google developed it specifically for this, to give visibility to local local businesses and provide the user with basic business information.

In the Google My Business tab, there is a lot of information and data about the company that we can configure. We must bear in mind that, the more information we give the user and Google, the more possibilities we will have to obtain a good positioning.

Let’s see the different sections that we can configure:

  • Title: in this section, it is very positive to put the name of the company together with the main activity that it performs (keyword included, of course!).
  • Category: generic category that best describes the activity of the company.
  • Address and telephone: remember, be very careful with the NAP!
  • Hours: very important if the business activity is carried out in person at an establishment. No one likes to reach a site and find it closed. Update during holiday closings!
  • Website: add the URL to your website. Even if the file is complete, your website will always offer more information for the user and, therefore, more possibilities to convert.
  • Attributes: special aspects of your business. For example: establishment adapted for the disabled, Wi-fi, card payment, etc.
  • Company description : brief description about the company and the activity it carries out. Of course, using keywords.
  • Photos and video: The most important photos will be those of Profile and Cover, as they will be the first to be seen. Then, you can include photos and videos of the interior, exterior, staff and customers and products.

Once everything is set up, it will be very important to start getting real and validated reviews . A good option is to ask customers and partners to leave a review if they have been satisfied with the product or service received.

SEO Local Off Page

Directory directories

Directories are an important part of Local SEO . In many sectors, users search on them to learn about the companies that offer the type of product or service they are looking for.

In addition, links give added value because they transmit strength to the web . Of course, very careful not to abuse this type of links and do it in a rational way.

That is, it does not matter to have 4-5 links from local directories, but it makes no sense to publish your listing in a Madrid directory if your business is in Valencia just to get a link. Because, in fact, Google detects such practices and penalizes more than the sum, even if you believe otherwise.

And, remember: always with the same NAP structure, as you have it on your website .

Links on local pages

In addition to directories, it is good to get links on pages that offer local services in the same location as you. Always try to be related and offer added value to the user.

For example, on a website of a local theater, you could fit an article about a nearby restaurant where you can dine or have a drink.

Social networks

Having attractive , updated Social Networks profiles that offer real value to the user is essential to generate community and capture local traffic for your website, with the potential to become a customer.

You have to create your own and interesting content that is relevant to the user and that differs from the competition.

Participating in other similar local profiles by commenting and reviewing can also be very interesting, provided it is constructive and positive. Also in local groups where there is a target audience.

We help you?

We hope that our advice on Local SEO will help you achieve your goals. If you want the help of the best professionals, contact our team of experts.

We want to help you achieve your goals. Therefore, whether we are hiring our services or with the help of our specialized guides on digital marketing, we will make sure that this is the case.

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