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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Digital is increasingly fashionable, because more and more people consume more digital content; From her favorite series on Amazon Prime or Netflix, she has short videos or stories on Instagram. A very high percentage of travel searches are already done through digital portals, including seeing what the next gift will be for your partner or your mother (annual e-commerce sales do not stop growing every year), even listening to your music Favorite on Spotify or YouTube, do a webinar or attend an event in streaming or even why not do a master in online marketing .

The conclusion is simple, common sense, if consumers spend more and more time online, it is evident that brands decide to invest more and more resources, both human and financial, to impact their potential buyer people and end up fattening their revenues by this channel.

As we have been dedicated to this for a few years now, at this specific point we can affirm that digital marketing is a key part of the Digital Strategies of brands to connect with the audience, awaken their interest, connect with the brand, consume content and end up buying the products or services.

A brand or company cannot be in the digital world without doing professional digital marketing. This is the crux of the matter and the reason why more and more associated profiles are demanded in one way or another in digital marketing.

But let’s not go ahead and keep moving forward.

What is the digital marketing

In case you still do not know what digital marketing is, it is a business management tool that aims to directly impact the company’s income statement, generating income, ROI and profit.

Reading this definition, the only and great difference with traditional marketing would be that online marketing will only do it in the digital, multi-channel and multiplatform world.

Today this is not entirely true because we are already talking more about Digital Marketing Strategies 360, which hybridize offline marketing and online marketing. We cannot forget that after all, that client behind the screen is still a person, with a social life, emotions, surroundings, feelings …

In this sense, digital marketing thrives on methodologies and tools to achieve its objectives. These range from SEO to Social Networks, Social Ads (Facebook and Instagram Ads, Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin mainly in Spain), SEM Campaigns, Display Campaigns, Affiliate Networks, Email Marketing, Programmatic Advertising or RTB, digital analytics, Inbound Marketing, Grow Hacking… .is what are called traffic sources or web traffic channels.

Everything to ensure that this unknown person becomes a visitor to a website or user and ends up converting, one or more times. From leaving a lead to generating a sale.

It’s that simple, and that complex.

The maturity of the digital marketing market

If we have to look back we can say that this of digital marketing is more than 10 years old, so we are facing a mature professional sector but with high growth potential because new functionalities, tools and platforms continue to be incorporated.

The number of websites today has grown exponentially, investment in the digital world has grown exponentially, the number of brand social profiles has grown exponentially…. In short, today we can affirm that the competition of any sector in digital is high and aggressive, be it in the tourism, real estate, health and beauty, fashion, technology… sector.

As a mature sector, more and more, it needs the incorporation of more specialized profiles. Profiles that with a digital marketing base and digital strategy focus on SEO or SEO and SEM functions, Advanced Digital Analytics, Social Media, Community Manager, Email Marketing, Data Intelligence, Content Marketing….

So do not waste time because it is time to get your batteries.

Why study online marketing

If at this point in the post it has not been clear to you, I am still going to give you some compelling reasons for you to get started, but in a direct and professional way.

– It is one of the sectors with the professions most in demand today and will continue to grow in the coming years.

– The chances of finding a job are high, every day it rains offers on job portals.

– You will need all kinds of profiles: companies (small, medium and large), agencies of all kinds (communication, advertising, media, marketing …), startups, public bodies, universities …

– Job competition is high, so you must train, accredit, test and test. The good thing is that there are great schools and universities where you can do it.

– A lot of specialization that results in many different professional profiles.

Best of all, and I am serious, it is an exciting and beautiful profession where you learn every day and where the possibilities are only put by you. Listen to me, I know something about this.

What kind of studies do we have in online marketing

It is true that now the training part in digital marketing has changed and evolved for the better. Less than 10 years ago you could practically not do a Degree in Marketing unless it was in a private school; Today almost all public and private universities have a degree in Marketing.

The problem is that generally the formation of a degree is very basic, generic and with very little real weight in the online marketing part; although it provides a good base to start training in this field.

The next level of training that we find is postgraduate studies, in this case the Master, both general and specialized.

We tell you that they are good for each other.

1. Master in Online Marketing.

In this section are the entire branch of the Master in Digital Marketing, which reviews all areas, from strategy to digital analytics. They usually have surnames such as Master in Management, Master in Management, Executive Master in Online Marketing.

They are great to catch up on everything, from my point of view useful for Marketing Director or specialist in an area who wants to understand how all parties interact.

2. Master specialized in Online Marketing disciplines

We would be talking about a specialization master in a certain area, for example Master in SEO, Master in SEM or SEO and SEM, Master in Digital Analytics and Big Data or Master in Commnunity Manager and Social Media.

They are perfect for the specialist who needs to recycle and learn new techniques, share experiences with other professionals and take a leap in quality. The problem in that there are not so many, nor are they often so specialized.

3. Higher courses in Online Marketing.

It is the third option, especially at the moment when a master is too long (they usually last at least one academic year) or we want to go deeper into only one subject. Here we have basic, medium to advanced levels.

They tend to be more specialized themes than masters, shorter and more intense.

4. Workshops and workshops.

It is shorter training, they are pills that always come in handy to improve more specific points, for example an exclusive Instagram Ads workshop.

Of this type of course it is recommended to do 2 a year.

5. Webinar.

Online training that sometimes provides real value when they really transfer knowledge expertise. They are generally more basic and are often used as commercial hooks to sell higher-level or higher-priced training.

I personally like them to qualify very, very specific aspects such as a webinar to express the WordPress Super Cache plugin.

With this we would have the full range of course typologies. Then they look like new formulas like Bootcamps or hackathons, but they are similar variations with some networking and teambuilding dynamics.

Most popular outlets in online marketing

If you have reached this point, it is that either the post has been interesting or you really have an interest in starting to work in online marketing. For this reason you deserve to know which are the 25 most demanded professions in online marketing according to the survey carried out by the Fundación Telefónica based on the 458 job offers collected in 2018.

We put the 18 that fit perfectly in online marketing:

1. Digital Marketing manager
2. Inbound Marketing Specialist
3. SEM & SEO Specialist
4. RTB & Traffic Manager
5. Growth Hacker

In Digital Communication & Social Media
6. Digital Communication Manager
7. Transmedia & Branded Content Specialist
8. Content Manager
9. Social Media Manager
10. Community Manager

In Big Data & Business Analitycs:
11. Digital Analyst
12. Customer Intelligence & CRM Analyst

In Technocreativity:
13. Digital Designer

In Customer Experience:
14. UI / UX Designer
15. Customer Experience Manager

In Digital Business & E-commerce:
16. Digital Business Manager
17. E-commerce Manager
18. Digital Account Manager

You already have clues where you should specialize; –

Tips to be a good online marketing professional

To finish this nice post I leave you some tips that will help you achieve your goals:

– Always work with professional tools and professional methodologies.

– Analytical and business vision. Everything we do must end up impacting the income statement. Orientation to results.

– It is very important to be planned, organized and methodical.

– Training, training and more training. Of course, beware of false gurus and empty formations.

– Trial and error, trial and error and more trial and error. Digital Marketing advances by testing, testing, making mistakes, exploiting what works, researching and learning from good practices and success stories from other professionals.

– Attendance at events, it is important to attend, be updated and generate a network of professional contacts.

– Basic, be a good professional and have ethics. A factor that is sometimes lost in this world.

– This is my favorite, you have to read a book from time to time, they help us understand concepts and open our minds.

With this you are more than ready to go out to win the game.

You have no excuses!


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