SEO Audit

The most complete and reliable analysis to improve the positioning of your website


How do we do SEO Audit?

In we have a team specialized in SEO audits with a long history in recovering and optimizing websites in search engines such as Google. Our consultants plan and execute optimization strategies based on facts, results and SEO best practices. If you believe that something is wrong on your website and you do not get the visibility you expected, with our SEO audit you will know why and how to solve it.


Why do an SEO audit if my website is fine?

Like any other product, a website requires constant maintenance and supervision to ensure that it is optimized to achieve maximum positioning potential.

Both eCommerces and newspapers, blogs, or service platforms update their content on a regular basis, which implies a direct impact on the indexing, tracking and distribution of internal authority , with an immediate effect on positioning.

A regularly scheduled SEO audit helps not only to detect and correct errors, but also to anticipate new trends in web architecture, content opportunities and semantic improvement by clusters.