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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020

It is time to know what will be the roadmap that will mark the digital projects. However, if you were still adjusting to the strategies of the previous year, you should know that the digital world is advancing rapidly. Above all, the web positioning that is becoming more sophisticated every day, challenging us to continuous changes and novelties. Therefore, it is essential to know SEO or positioning trends.

The important thing is that much of the essence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or organic positioning has not changed in terms of the central idea of ​​offering quality content, original and useful for your readers.

In this way, we invite you to continue promoting and perfecting the trends of the previous year, but paying special attention to new practices that will be applied only by those websites that want to survive the changes and ensure their positioning in online search engines.

Here we leave you 8 SEO or positioning trends.

SEO or positioning trends 1: Voice search optimization

There are many companies resisting this, but you should know that by 2020 Google estimates that 50% of its searches will be carried out by voice . There are already multiple components that indicate how much presence this will have in our way of buying.

An example are Amazon Echo smart speakers, Google Home and virtual assistants such as Siri for Apple, Cortana for Microsoft and Ok Google. It is no coincidence that they did not take long to compete with each other in a way that not only entered your life but your home.

Voice searches will be more extensive and conversational, but to take advantage of it, you must respond with web content according to this modality. For this, the questions and answers will receive special attention.

Refine and enhance your content with a developed frequently asked questions section that can answer voice inquiries from your potential customers.

SEO Trend 2: Visual Search or Image Search

What is more immediate than words? An image that captures exactly what you want to locate. Visual Search is gaining ground, and the camera of our Smartphone becomes our best ally. We already had the option to scan QR codes but imagine you are hooked on any item in a restaurant or hotel.

Just by taking a photo and uploading it to the chosen search platform, you can acquire it in just minutes. If we had to describe the object we see in the search engine, we would probably be less likely to find it.

Your task is to make your products easily recognizable by search engines. You must pay attention to using clear images made from different angles and perspectives, including them in sitemaps.

This type of search greatly shortens your sales funnel and makes the process easier. Your client will save time selecting the size, color and other characteristics, thus reducing the abandonment rate. Remember that the fewer steps there are up to the “Check out” button, the better.

Positioning trend 3: Zero-Result SERP and Featured Snippet

One of the latest Google algorithm updates in March 2018 gave the Zero-Result SERP more relevance. This refers to the appearance of an informative result that Google considers to be the best in its category and the most appropriate to solve the user’s doubt.

This “Zero Result” will be the first one that the user finds after their search and also the only one that they will hear in a voice query. Likewise, it will take into account the Featured Snippet, which refers to the feedback that users give in the snippets of a website.

The relevance of the Zero Result can be devastating for some websites, since in text searches, the user obtained multiple results for the same news item and could choose which one they wanted to read or listen to, even if it was only one featured. However, in a voice search only the result that Google considers best will be the one that the user receives back.

SEO or positioning trends 4: Explore the SEO terrain for apps

This is a relatively little explored area that is gaining more and more participation in digital marketing and in the lives of consumers. You should know that the Spanish for 2017 had an average of 16 applications on their mobile .

Memory is not infinite, so having a space on your consumers’ phone in this way is something much more than important.

To position your application, you should focus on highlighting within the download channels, which is where the applications are promoted. Factors such as the number of downloads, trends, user experience, keywords and link building influence .

Do not leave for later your SSL Security Certificate, SEO trend or positioning 5

Many web pages take for granted that one of the factors considered by search engines such as Google when positioning a web page, is the presence of the security certificate. If your site is not secure, half of your users will not visit it, much less trust in acquiring your products or services.

You must offer security to your potential clients, the certainty that if they share their data on your website, they will not be exposed to theft or illegal traffic. Google rewarded this practice. He stated that websites that did not have the https: // domain could not achieve a better positioning than those that did have their security certificate.

The Google algorithm is making this certificate practically mandatory if you want to rank in its search engine. The best thing you can do is implement the necessary security measures to offer a reliable environment to your clients.

Positioning on Amazon, SEO trend or positioning 6

Remember that when it comes to products, one of the most powerful search engines on the internet is Amazon. More than half of consumers search for products directly there instead of using more general engines like Google.

If you want your sales to grow, you better start investing efforts in SEO to position yourself on Amazon. Voice assistants and smart speakers already use Amazon as the top result in a voice search.

For this task, in addition to knowing how to use the keywords in the description of your product, other factors will intervene, such as:

  • Customer ratings.
  • Comments.
  • Sales volume and speed.
  • Quality of the images.
  • Price.

Organize your content in clusters, SEO trend or ranking 7

As useful as your blog content is, if it cannot be easily located, it will go unnoticed among your website. Content clusters allow you to organize information and group it around a main theme or pillar.

Each pillar is linked to different clusters and these in turn to a hyperlinked keyword. In this way, if one of the contents works well, the whole cluster will receive a boost.

These themes or categories will allow you to create a network of internal links that makes it easier for Internet users to navigate and stay on your website. It is basically like an internal linkbuilding where there are related and at the same time complementary topics.

Through the content clusters the user experience is enriched, facilitating access to related information that is of interest to the user. The practice of organizing content in clusters is not a novelty in the market. The important thing is to know that the more organized your content is, the Google algorithm will take you as an expert in a certain topic and will position your website among the first results.

SEO or positioning trends 8: Improvement of the CTR (Click Through Rate)

In the end, all efforts to improve the SEO of your website translate into an improvement in the CTR. This is the number of clicks a result receives, divided by the number of total impressions it generated through the different search engines.

The results that get the most clicks are those that include differentiating elements such as:

  • Featured snippets.
  • Thumbnails.
  • Videos.

To improve your CTR you can also work on the following aspects:

1. Improve rich data

This is known as rich snippets, as they help to add value and highlight search results. We can mention the rating stars of the content, videos, event dates or prices.

2. Titles and Meta Descriptions developed.

Remember that it is not only necessary that your titles are well worked to appear in the first search results, but also that people click on them. Give your reader additional data that the rest of the results do not have.

3. Use emojis in your titles and meta descriptions.

These resources draw a lot of attention from users. The eye naturally goes to what stands out and is different from the rest.

As you can see, SEO services are not as focused on Google. It is no longer just about positioning yourself in this powerful search engine. There are other scenarios and platforms that you should consider and that also serve as a reference point for the search of users such as Amazon, Facebook or app markets.

Updates to Google’s algorithms are a mystery but it is clear that if you direct your efforts to deliver the best user experience through valuable, honest and transparent content, there will be no algorithms that will harm your efforts.

Now you just have to get down to work and apply the 8 SEO or positioning trends that we have told you in detail.


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