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April 15, 2020
April 15, 2020

What is a community manager ?, a question that still today companies and brands still have nothing clear. Especially when we see the offers or vacancies launched to the market, where they usually ask for a professional orchestra that knows from web design to SEO, from programming to SEM campaigns. Let’s put order once and for all please.

Does the Community Manager manage brand reputation or only schedule posts? Is he responsible for Social Ads campaigns or does he simply respond to customers?

In this article we give you the definition for Community Manager or Community Manager; What are the skills you should have, what responsibility and functions does a CM have, what objectives and methodology should he apply and know, advice…

In short, a complete guide that you should not stop reading, based on real and accredited experience. If not, do a little research on me and you will find out.

What is a community manager

First of all we are going to frame the figure of the Community Manager within the structure of the digital marketing department. What is where it should be and not in the communication department or isolated as if it were a “rare bird”.

The definition that we like the most is:

The Community Manager is a digital marketing professional responsible for the management and development of the online community of a brand or company in the digital world.

In these management and development functions, you must work to increase the community, to detect potential clients and prescribers. Once detected, establish long-lasting and stable relationships with them.

Relationships that contribute to the final achievement of the brand’s digital marketing objectives: to sell more.

What does a Community Manager do

Having said this, the profile of the community manager navigates between the management of online or digital communication and digital marketing, since it must meet the objectives and establish an action plan.

As Community Manager you will have to define a specific strategy and objectives, which will contribute to the brand’s Social Media objectives and strategy. And in turn to the organization’s overall digital marketing objective and strategy.

In this scheme, the Community must add value in the following 4 areas:

1.- Creation and management of content. Fundamental. We cannot forget that people go to social networks to consume content. Whether written, audiovisual, podcast or infographic.

2.- Analytics. Monitoring of all strategic parameters and definition of KPIS : engagement , community growth, ROI , social web traffic …

3.-Communication with the community. Establish two-way dialogues, create audiences, humanize the brand and generate value. At this point, customer service fully enters. Social Networks are a perfect setting for this.

4.- Planning of digital marketing actions.

Community Manager Goals

To do this, you must meet the following specific objectives for your area of ​​action:

  • Work and improve the visibility of the brand in the digital world. This will directly affect the digital visibility index and online reputation.
  • Increase community with a high-value approach. It is no longer worth with quantity but we must seek quality.

Followers who are active, share, comment and finally buy the products or services of the brand.

  • Generation of qualified social web traffic that ends up converting. Establish the total number of visits derived from the management of social networks to the corporate website or commercial landing.
  • Establish relationships with clients, prescribers and influncers of the sector.
  • Customer care services. Many times social channels become customer service channels.

In this case, personally I am not clear that it is an intrinsic function of the community manager. It is one thing to manage content and respond to comments and quite another to customer service.

In this aspect we can have Community managers trained in customer service who are responsible for the channel.

Community Manager Methodology

Like all digital marketing professionals, the management of the Community manager requires a professional methodology for the correct implementation.

Therefore you should never miss:

  • Good practice guide : a manual or document that includes the good practices of the Community Manager. For example, do not buy followers or always make a calendar of publications by social network.

You can collect how to make a publication calendar, what indicators or minimum KPIS we should measure, for example.

In this way, the work of the Community Manager will be transparent, gained in credibility, trust and professionalism.

  • Ethics : there are many professionals who have not yet learned this term. Well it is neither more nor less than having rigor and professional judgment. For example, do not attack the competition with false profiles that humiliate and damage your reputation. Do not make false accusations and lies …

This does not mean that we plan professional “guerilla marketing” actions to win over our main competitors.

  • Style guide : this is essential for each brand, and within the brand to have sub-lines per social network.

It is a very common mistake to find brands that following the timeline you know perfectly when the community manager has changed.

The brand cannot be owned by its manager 😉

For this a style guide is developed where we mark for example:

– Message tone: if it is a formal or corporate tone, more informal, close,

– The types of fonts: the use of capital letters and exclamations.

– Graphic style: for illustrations, photographs and all the resources used by the brand.

– The type of language and way of writing…

If we define all these concepts according to the values ​​and attributes of the brand, we will create a “human” social profile of the brand with a life of its own.

  • Professional templates : a fundamental part of the job. Publications calendar template, dashboard or KPIS template, social profiles monitoring template …

They make our work efficient and effective.

  • Portfolio of professional tools : we detail this point a little further down, but it is essential to use professional tools to carry out professional management.

Common sense, right?

Community Manager Features

At this point, now it’s time to get down to work to explain a trouble spot.

What does a community manager do and what does he not do?

Well, the functions to be performed by a CM are:

  • Meet the objectives of digital marketing , social media and social networks.
  • Monitor the brand . You have to know at all times what they say about the company, the products and services. If they are positive, negative or neutral comments.
  • Making the publication calendar for each social network. This entails previously establishing the strategic lines of content for the brand for each social network.

We must not forget that the brand must communicate adapted and personalized content for each social network. The user does not search the same on Twitter as on Linkedin as on Snapchat.

  • Generate digital communication to establish relationships with the community, prescribers, customers and users interested in our content.
  • Analysis of the activity of the main brand competitors.

– What they do on social networks.

– What content do they publish?

– Online reputation level.

– What is your community like: level of engagement and involvement…

  • Identify influencers and opinion leaders in my sector to establish synergies and relationships with them.
  • Monitoring of all indicators and kpis.
  • Make monthly monitoring reports.

Community Manager skills

As you can imagine, the community manager is a complex profile that must work with the internal client and the external client. And it is in a hinge position within the digital marketing department.

For this you must have the following professional skills and abilities:

– Be patient, because the community is people and he manages a brand. Therefore, you will receive complaints, bad manners, negative comments that you should treat calmly and calmly.

– Methodological: it is essential to establish a methodology and apply it strictly. With this we will avoid mistakes, we will be more efficient and effective in our actions.

– Active listening: it is very important to know how to listen and monitor what they say about the brand or company. A high percentage of the time developed by the community manager should be applied to this.

– Proactive: it is not just about replicating content but it must be an active profile, respond and search. Be aware of trends and respond to unforeseen events or attacks by trolls for example.

– Professional: it must be a professional profile formed for it.

It is good to believe that the professional profile of the community manager can be done by anyone!

– Ordered: if you manage more than 10 networks you will understand what I mean 😉

It is a job that requires daily planning, response, working simultaneous lines of content where order is essential.

Community Manager Tools

For the development of their professional management, the community manager needs to use tools that make their “life easier” and help us.

Here we only put some of the hundreds that exist. The ones that we use in our day to day, but if you are restless do not stay alone here 😉

1. Program your social profiles with Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Bro, Postcron…

2. Enrich your content with Feedly, adding new content.

3. Shorten your URLs to take up less space and measure for example with Bitly.

4. Measure the reputation of the profile or brand with Kred.

5. Measure what happens on each network with Facebook Insigths, Instagram Stats or Twitter Analytics.

6. Know the impact of your actions on the web with Google Analytics and Tag Manager.

Errors to avoid by a Community Manager

We tell you some mistakes that have happened to us and that you should avoid 😉

– Never believe that the account of the brand you manage is yours.

– Never give answers that are not consistent or consistent with the brand and style guide.

– You must always ratify all sources of information.

– Beware of excessive use and abuse of hashtag

– Always run away from “yoismo” because just talking about the brand is boring.

– Of course, never use tools that you do not know in depth. Experiment it at home or with your personal blog.

Tips from Community Manager to Community Manager

To finish the article we are going with some professional tips that will help you in your Community Manager career.

– Training and more training: the profession of digital marketing in general and that of Community in particular needs continuous training.

So now you know, look at master , higher courses, conferences, blogs, e-books and everything you find !!!! In this sense, it combines self-learning with real and practical training. Read books or ebooks and look for professional courses that really add value and practical knowledge.

– Learn from the best in your sector. It is key to have a list of 5-8 profiles that really do it very well to analyze monthly what they do, how they do it and measure the results. We can analyze the lines of content, the type of content, the videos, the payment campaigns, whether or not they remarketing, how their community increases … A lot of data that will help us to know and understand the best practices in the sector.

– Test, measure and correct: do not throw anything that you cannot measure. It is key, so we will measure the return to modify, correct or enhance the lines and actions that have worked best. You already know that you have many tools in your favor. From the social platforms themselves to the content programming platforms. Going through Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Yandex, Hotjar …

– Plan your actions: this is not a tip, it is an obligation !!! you must have a Social Media Plan and a Digital Marketing Plan . Both with marked objectives, not only at the brand level, but also commercial, communicational and sales.

Social Media is a strategic area of ​​the digital brand and must be worked on as such.

– Ask for help and advice: when you don’t know how to do something, ask for help. Search tutorials, post your question in professional forums like you, ask a blogger, write to Facebook …

– Never forget that social networks with the communication channel with the clients and potential clients of the brand. Even more, it is the channel of digital communication with people. That is why it is important to generate dialogue and always add value. Let’s not forget this maxim in every publication or action we launch.

And this is it, any aspect that has escaped us?


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