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April 15, 2020
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Knowing what is the best time and day to post on Instagram is an important part of your marketing strategy for this social network.

Sure, when you upload an image or video to Instagram you do it so that it has the greatest possible reach and that a large number of interactions are achieved in the publication.

The above you will not achieve if you do not know how to interpret the Instagram connection habits of your followers.

Each account and profile is a world, an account can be great to publish at a specific time and another account can be fatal to upload content at that time. This occurs because each account has different followers with different habits.

With the previous words I want to tell you that the figures and data that I am going to tell you during the article is somewhat generic.

Ideally, you should analyze the behavior of your own followers. But, if you don’t have the knowledge or resources to know how to carry it out or you don’t have the budget to pay for a digital marketing strategy for this social network; This article will help you improve the visibility of your publications.

Let’s do it!

Why you need to know the best time to post photos to Instagram

best personal and professional Instagram posts

This question may seem easy to explain, but it is the main basis of the article.

As you well know, Instagram shows the publications of the users you follow in the Feed according to the interactions you have with the accounts.

When you like, comment or even the time you stay in those Instagram posts take note of it. Interpret that the content of those accounts is relevant to you. And for the future, it will show you more often posts from those personal or company accounts.

For this reason it is important to know what is the appropriate day or days to post on Instagram and to know in which time slots of the day is your most active community.

If you make a publication when a large part of your community is disconnected from the social network; you have all the ballots so that the scope and impressions reach fewer users. So all the effort you have made in the design and measurements of the images on Instagram will not have been of any use.

This means that Instagram interprets that publication is not interesting for your community, which reduces the organic reach of that publication.

And as you can imagine, that does not interest you, so you already know why you have to know what is the best time to post photos on Instagram.

What is the best time of day to post on Instagram

I want to emphasize again that there is no exclusive time for everyone to post on your social network, these data you are going to see are indicative that can help you post at a time when there is better interaction.

If at the moment you do not want to invest money in advertising on social networks, the best way you have to reach your audience is to fully exploit the organic reach, and for this, one of the points is to know the best time to publish.

What I did to show you the best hours of Instagram was to take 3 different Spanish company accounts. And make a comparison to get an idea of ​​the best hours to post on Instagram.

The best hours to post on Instagram are between 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Being 21 hours the time with the highest peak at a generic level as you can see in the comparison table.

We also see what is the worst time to post on Instagram, which is between 3 and 9.

What is the best day to launch Instagram posts

Continuing with the 3 accounts that we have previously compared, now we are going to see what are the best days to post on Instagram.

The best days to post on Instagram are: Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

The worst days to post on Instagram are: Saturdays and Sundays.

Remember that these are indicative data, in the next section I will teach you how to know your ideal time and day to post on Instagram.

Applications to optimize the time to post on Instagram


The first and most important is to know that the native application of Instagram allows you to know the behavior of your audience in a graphic and very visual way. To know what days and hours your followers are most active.

It is important to know that, to enjoy this option, you have to have your Instagram account as a company profile.

Before teaching you how to transfer your personal Instagram account to a company, I want to tell you that you don’t have to have a company itself; not even your account is going to be weighed down for being a company as if it happens with the Facebook fan page.

To pass your personal profile to a company you have to do the following:

1. Log into your Instagram account and go to your profile.

2. Tap the three horizontal stripes you see on the upper right side of the mobile screen.

3. Press the “settings” button at the bottom right.

4. Then click on the button called “account”

5. Once you are in “account” press the button highlighted in blue that says “switch to business account”

6. A carousel of images will appear welcoming you along with the explanation of some of the functions of the company profile. Here, click at all times to continue.

7. Connect your Instagram account to a Facebook page. Remember! With a Facebook page or fan page, a personal page is not worth it. Click next.

8. And you already have your company profile ready.

Now to be able to see the statistics of the behavior of your followers to be able to see what is the best time to post on Instagram you have to perform the following steps:

9. Enter your Instagram profile.

10. Click on the three horizontal stripes you see on the upper right side of the mobile screen.

11. Press the “statistics” button.

12. Go to the “audience” section and go down completely.

13. In the “followers” section you can already see the best hours to post according to the day of the week. And you can also see the days that your community has the most activity.


The second option, in case you do not want to transfer your personal profile to the company profile, is to register with an external tool such as Metricool.

The way or form that this tool has to tell us what are the best hours and days to upload photos to Instagram is through a calendar that appears within a pink heat map.

The more intense the color, the more activity our followers have. And when it is clearer it means that there is better activity on the part of our followers.

The good thing about this tool or platform is that you can see in a very simple way what type of publications are working best. And in it you can see the day, time and year of publication.

One of the best advantages that Metricool has is that you can see the evolution of the publications and know if the hours and days that you publish work in your strategy.

As you can see, in the image below you break down each publication by date and time accompanied by other metrics such as the scope, I like it, comments …

This application has a fast learning curve, but it is true that you have to know how to interpret the metrics to really know the results of the publications.

There are many video tutorials on the Internet that help you manage the tool, but my recommendation is to always go to a community manager to help you how to make a social media plan for Instagram and the rest of your social networks.


This third and last option that I propose is an app for Smartphone.

In it, once you register with the Instagram account it marks you, like Metricool, the best days and best times to upload a photo to Instagram through a green heat map.

If the green color is intense, it means that it is the ideal time to upload a photo to Instagram. In case the color was light, it means that your community is not very active at that time.

The good thing about this APP is that it has a countdown timer that indicates the time left to upload a photo to Instagram at the best time of day.

Besides, if you click on one of the days of the week, it shows you the three best hours to upload a photo on that day.

This application is available for free for iOS devices.

Conclusion to optimize your Instagram posts

As you could see throughout the article, each profile adapts to some hourly habits due to the different followers that their accounts have. But, as you saw, there are days and hours of the week where the 3 accounts analyzed coincide to be able to publish at that time with a high percentage of activity.

I hope this article has helped you know when to post your photo or video at the right time. Remember that if social networks are not good for you, you can always pull the days and hours that I have provided.

In case you have a little skill on social networks you already know the method to know and know your own statistics.

I would like you to let me know in the comments if you publish at the right time, if any statistics match your account or not.

I hope you liked it and see you in the comments.


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