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April 15, 2020
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April 15, 2020

Do you know if your Digital Marketing Strategy is a failure?

Generating marketing actions in the digital field requires time, analysis, but above all that we have the 5 senses working at their best.

Any detail counts to lead companies to their stardom or below the ground.

If you think you are about to hit rock bottom, take a few minutes to think carefully about the reasons why your Digital Marketing strategy is a failure.

Digital Marketing brings with it a series of advantages and tools, which allow you to measure step by step each action that is carried out in your communication channels. Which is fantastic because companies have in their hands the power to know what is happening in real time with their customers.

But it turns out that not everything is pink, because in Digital Marketing, mistakes are paid dearly, dearly.

4 reasons why your Digital Marketing strategy is a failure

In case you are starting to feel that your Marketing Plan is not giving the result you expected, we recommend that you consider some of the reasons why, perhaps, it is not working.

You didn’t set clear, scalable goals.

As we well mentioned in this regard, the resources that Marketing gives us in the Digital era are great. But these will not get us anywhere if we do not set precise objectives.

Objectives that are clear enough to understand what needs to be done to achieve it.

For example: The main objective of the company now is to generate noise in the online community.

For this, actions that impact public opinion must be carried out. Advertising that creates expectation can be one method of achieving this.

How? Investing part of the budget in online advertising, Social Networks, SEM, etc. In other words, defining clear actions will allow the company to work hard at it until it is achieved.

The idea is to set objectives that allow climbing step by step. Gradually. This will help establish the brand solidly in the market.

If mainly the objective was to generate noise in the online community. And it was achieved; The second objective will be to generate interaction with the audience.

Subsequently manage to capture the largest number of prospects, until closing more sales and finally managing to maintain a faithful community to the company.

Everything progressively, so it is recommended to define short, medium and long-term objectives, so that the short-term objectives are drivers of the medium-term objectives and so on.

You’re underestimating the competition

Spying on the competition is a legitimate practice, so don’t feel guilty about watching their steps. It is called benchmarking .

Perhaps your value proposition, product, or, in general, the structure of your company exceeds that of the competition. But you shouldn’t ignore it for that reason, because you already know that everything in Digital Marketing is volatile and the one who knows how to take advantage of industry trends is the one who wins.

Perhaps your Digital Marketing strategy is a failure because you did not give the importance it requires to the competition.

If you feel you are on time pause and take the time to investigate:

  • What are you doing.
  • As it does.
  • What channels do you use.
  • What is your star product.
  • What are its possible failures.
  • And especially how is the interaction with your community.

Perhaps among its failures you will get an opportunity to get up and position yourself in a new niche. Or between their Marketing actions you see what you are failing.

In other words, there is no way to waste time watching the competition. On the contrary, you can find a world of growth opportunities, not because you are going to copy its model, but because you know how to identify its mistakes to strengthen your brand.

You copied trending models

The Internet has become a necessary tool in these times, both for companies and for consumers. In fact, different studies affirm that it has become very important for the consumer because it allows them to influence their purchasing decisions, but especially their behavior.

But something amazing happens and it is that the Internet not only influences the behavior of consumers, it also influences the behavior of companies.

And is that if some action is of benefit to someone, we assume that it will also work for us and unfortunately it is not.

Copying from trending models, perhaps, is one of the reasons why your Digital Marketing strategy is a failure.

Although your competition has similarities with you, it does not mean that what works for him, works for you.

What about the Marketing Mix?

The Marketing Mix is the application of the 4 P’s in the digital sphere:

– Product.

– Price.

– Square.

– Promotion.

And although it is an old school technique, it is a valuable resource to determine in advance a Plan that allows the company to enter the market strategically.

One of the keys to avoiding the failure of a Digital Marketing strategy is understanding how to adapt the product to the current market. And we are not only referring to the needs of the ideal customer or buyer person , but of the new way of selling.

Establishing the 4 cardinal points of a Digital Marketing strategy is synonymous with success in a campaign, strategy or in the sale of a specific product.

Knowing the methods that will allow the client to see us with good eyes is always an ace up his sleeve.


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